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The first etalon-like drinking water
with authenticity verification
and blockchain-based control

Get free water by becoming a BKL token holder!

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Drinking water

Drinking water is one of the most frequently faked commodities. Over 60% of bottled water in China is counterfeit: water of unknown origin pretending to be the merchandise of famous brands.

BAIKALIKA has found a solution to this problem.

Using the blockchain-based technology, we guarantee, 100 percent, the safety of our water, and eliminate any risks attributed to the purchase of counterfeit merchandise.

China - the largest water market
30 bn. l. 37 bn. l. >41 bn. l.

Using the blockchain-based technology, we guarantee, 100 percent, the safety of our water, and eliminate any risks attributed to the purchase of counterfeit merchandise.

Uniqueness of the product

BAIKALIKA water is extracted three kilometers from the shore, at a 400-meter depth from the only really pure outflow of Baikal – its 'lense'. This water is unaffected by humans and its quality is un-precedented in terms of water composition. Due to its high saturation of hydrogen and oxygen, its lack of heavy metals, and with a Ph level in line with human blood, the deep water of Baikal can have positive therapeutic effects on the human body.

How we use Blockchain

Each bottle of BAIKALIKA water bears a QR code allowing for an instant check of the goods au-thenticity, which also enables the ability to obtain additional tracking information for each bottle.

Due to this technology, we are able to:

  • Protect the product
    from being faked by other firms
  • Control the chain of supply and get
    timely information about sales
  • Provide token holders with a unique
    water supply system

BAIKALIKA tokens (BKL) are your personal stockpile of 1200 liters of Baikal's deep water supplied to the world’s most promising markets.
You get 0.07 liters of water per each BKL for free and on a daily basis.


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Tokens Owners

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Use your water in the most efficient way:
  • Choose a warehouse and get the water for your needs
  • Choose the best market and sell the water from our warehouse
  • Let us keep the water and get paid for each liter
Calculate your benefit from purchasing BKL tokens with a 40% bonus
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Water is handed out for free at the BAIKALIKA warehouse. The amount to be handed out starts from one pack of PET bottles as follows:

12 х 0.5 liter = 6 liters

6 х 1.25 liter = 7.5 liters

2 х 5.0 liter = 10.0 liters

The maximum volume of storage - 1 BKL = 10 liters. If the water is not claimed with-in 7 days, we are going to buy it back automatically for 30% of the wholesale price of the pack-age you had chosen earlier.

Redemption of BKL tokens

Token holders sending their BKL to smart contract.

Tokens will be claimed by our partners at exchanges. Sell them when the rate goes up.

Token holder
Any tokens bought through a smart-contract will be wasted.

We will send $0.05 from each liter of water shipped to the token repurchase fund


Bonus program partners are buying BKL for placement on bottles

Tokens will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges starting from the 2nd quarter of 2018.

To learn more about BKL tokens, see

White paper
About Baikalika

The plant is located at a proprietary land plot and has enough free area for multiple expansion.

Our trade mark has been registered in China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Kazahstan.

We plan for production to be increased up to 160 mln liters per year for supplies to China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the largest and most dynamically growing bottled water markets.

Find out more about us

Location Plant Docs
June & July
Tokens placement on cryptocurrency exchanges
Design documentation development
Automation system design development
Products rebranding
MVP apps and a running blockchain architecture
Completion of construction
Equipment supply
Start of marketing campaign
Automation system integration
Launch of the app in 5 languages
Increase of shipment volumes
Start of water supply to BKL holders
Start of marketing campaign in India and Asia
Volume of supply to China will have reached 60 mln liters
Start of supplies to India and countries of Southeast Asia
BAIKALIKA rebranding for the Middle East
Start of marketing campaign in the Middle East
Start of supplies to countries of the Middle East
Volume of supply will have reached 120 mln liters per year
Volume of supply will have reached 160 mln liters
Budget allocation structure
Subject to the amount of funds raised, we plan three versions for the production scale
Blockchain infrastructure
Production infrastructure
Logistics infrastructure
Marketing and rebranding
$10 000 000 Development Fund

60 000

Production volume
(mln liters)
$1 000 000,0
$700 000,0
$800 000,0
$4 200 000,0
$3 300 000,0
$20 000 000 Development Fund

120 000

Production volume
(mln liters)
$1 100 000
$1 700 000
$2 000 000
$7 900 000
$7 300 000
$40 000 000 Development Fund

160 000

Production volume
(mln liters)
$1 500 000
$4 500 000
$3 500 000
$17 900 000
$12 600 000
Our team
Head of a number of large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the field of engineering and metallurgy. Owner of IZTM group of companies ( Founder of a joint Russian-Chinese enterprise in partnership with QINYE HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Founder of Irkutsk City development project (
co-founder & CFO
Proven records in developing and promoting of the investments and credit portfolio of banking services for the corporate sector for 17 years. Well established networking with top and senior managers in key industrial groups of East-Siberian region.
Professional manager with international background - PEPSI, COCA-COLA, IKEA, CATERPILLAR. Development and focus on the implementation of blockchain in the real sector.
CTO & blockchain developer
Co-founder and CTO of blockchain platform. More than 10 years of experience in full stack development and high-loaded solutions in the field of IoT and development management:, nettech. company, RuKupon.rf, Аукционмашин.рф and many others.
Public Relations Director
Assistant to a deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation. Responsible for working with the public, cooperating with environmental funds, and implementing environmental programs. Graduate psychologist.
Specialist in Ecology and Biology
Doctor of Biological Sciences with H-Index of 15. International researcher. Author of 35 inventions and projects in the field of cell biology. Responsible for the biological balance of Baikalika water and the ecology of water extraction.
Sergei Sergienko is an Australian entrepreneur, CEO of blockchain project, co-founder of ICOpromo. He has won a number of awards in business in Australia, including “Hot 30 under 30” and “Young gun in business”, represented Australia on G20 summits.
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Last news

February 14, 2018

Do you know that in 2016 consumers of medical and health services have spent on them as much as 686 billion US dollars (according to nеwsland.cоm)?


February 13, 2018

PreSale has started! PreSale period will be the most beneficial to join the project and to purchase the tokens BKL – during it investors may receive up to 40% of bonus tokens!


February 12, 2018

The Baikalika project is the result of the work of only the best specialists in the field of development, management, investment, marketing, ecology and biology.


How to buy the tokens?

To buy tokens, go to your personal account with BAIKALIKA at Then make a payment in ETH or BTC to the BAIKALIKA wallet address specified in your personal account.

How does it work?

The system assigns unique ETH and BTC addresses to each user. So, whenever payment is re-ceived into either of them, we know it's yours. After the transaction is executed, the relevant amount of tokens will be allocated to your personal account.

What is the price for your tokens?

The benchmark token price is $40. You can get tokens subject to special terms at the PreSale stage with a 40% bonus.

Why are your tokens nominated in US dollars?

Cryptocurrencies are exposed to high volatility, and their rate is hard to predict. At the same time, investments into the project development are made in fiat currencies. Our tokens are nominated in US dollars to mitigate investment and financial risks. In your personal account at you can use a USD/BTC/ETH calculator.

What is the minimum amount I can spend on your tokens?

The minimum amount of purchase is equal to the benchmark price of one token net of any possible discounts and bonuses. The benchmark token price is $40. Token price in ETH, BTC or any other cryptocurrencies shall be calculated at the time of purchase.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

To buy BKL tokens, you need to pay in either ETH or BTC. To purchase in other cryptocurrencies, please use exchange services or cryptocurrency exchanges. To purchase from an exchange or from another service platform, when withdrawing or exchanging BTC or ETH, please specify the end ETH- or BTC-address from your personal account at BAIKALIKA.

When will I be able to buy tokens?

PreSale is about to start on February 12, 2018, but you may already leave a deposit, by paying in either BTC or ETH to secure your purchase of tokens. To eliminate any volatility of cryptocurrency rates, your deposit will be maintained in US dollars. Conversion will be carried out automatically at Coinmarketcap's exchage rate as of the date of the funds deposit.

At what stage of sale should I buy your tokens?

Public PreSale starts on February 12, 2018. Buyers are offered benefits: a 40% bonus of the token price. The PreSale stage is the most risky for both investors and the project, for this reason we are offering particularly favorable terms. The CrowdSale is scheduled for April and May of 2018. At this stage, a 10% bonus is offered for buyers of the first 300 000 BKL.

Which wallet shall I use to buy tokens?

To make a payment, please transfer ETH or BTC from your personal cryptocurrency wallet, i.e., MyEtherWallet for ETH or for BTC, at the address of BAIKALIKA wallet specified in your personal account. After tokens are allocated, they can be withdrawn to any ERC20 token wallet of your convenience, i.e., MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

I have transferred the funds, but I can't see my tokens. What's wrong?

Upon payment processing, it may take a certain amount of time for the transaction to be completed, as well as for the updating of our internal system. Please note that transaction confirmation time in Bitcoin and Ethereum systems depends on the commission fixed for the transaction. All the pur-chased tokens are usually allocated to your personal account within several minutes after transac-tion confirmation. If you fail to see any allocated tokens in your personal account after a standard 24-hours time span, please contact our support directly. Tokens will be released into circulation after all the sale stages are complete.

What is your project objective?

We plan to raise at least $10 000 000 to finance development of the blockchain system and a user application, and to increase production in order to promote the commodity in the most promising markets for bottled water. The scope of production will be subject to the amount of funds raised.

Is your project already running?

Our plant has been producing and bottling the water since 2015. We have been performing labora-tory testing of Baikal's deep water since 2011. In 2014, 2015 and 2017, we obtained reports con-firming the high quality of our drinking water.

Why do you need blockchain?

Bottled water is one of the most frequently faked commodites. More than 60% of bottled water in China is fabricated. Dangerous tap water is sold under the guise of famous trademarks.

Baikal is a brand known all over the world, and used by dozens of other companies to sell water from completely distinct sources.

BAIKALIKA has found a solution to this problem. Using blockchain technology, we guarantee, 100%, the safety of water, and we eliminate all the risks related to the purchase of fake products, and we can control supplies and sales on a real time basis.

Could I get refunded if you do not reach your objective in raising capital?

Tokens acquired at a PreSale stage with a 40% bonus are not subject to refund. The money col-lected at this stage is necessary for ICO marketing, token issue, and fees to experts and advisers. The money spent for token purchase at a CrowdSale stage, in the event soft cap is not reached, will be returned to the same addresses they came from, less the fee and other transaction costs of the blockchain system.

For tokens return please contact us at [email protected]

You are welcome to review out white paper, or join our official communication channels to ask your questions

Take part in the PreSale
Take part in the PreSale

BAIKALIKA water is extracted three kilometers from the shore, at a 400-meter depth from Baikal's so-called 'core', or 'lense', where it is protected from external agents and maintains its temperature at a constant 3.6° С. This deep water of Baikal is unique in its purity and composition and has been acknowledged as an etalon of drinking water.

  • high content of dissolved oxygen
  • extremely low deuterium content
  • ideal pH, comparable to the pH of human blood
  • high content of free hydrogen
  • extremely low heavy metals content

The deep drinking water from Baikal belongs to a light water group (saturated with free hydrogen atoms). In heavy water, however, hydrogen atoms are replaced by deuterium atoms. Deuterium-saturated water is considered to be a delayed action poison for nearly all living creatures, with fertil-ity often affected in the first instance.

Baikal water features the lowest deuterium content among the world's fresh water bodies, and is able to wash accumulated deuterium out of the human system.

The acid-alkaline balance of Baikal deep water (pH = 7.45) is almost identical to that of human blood (pH = 7.42). This means that such water does not contain any irritants and is perfectly absorbed by the human body, including infants.

The magnificent taste and crystal purity of Baikal water, its unique mineral balance and composition, are all backed up by many years of research.

For 3 years, laboratory observations have been carried out into the quality of water from a selected water intake point. Nowadays, the high quality of BAIKALIKA water is attested to by experts and confirmed by conformity certificates. The water production is certified in accordance with the ISO international system.

"Light" Baikal water helps to improve cell membrane functions. In addition, it activates metabolism and detoxification processes, thus increasing energy reserves of the human body. Baikal water accelerates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, which contributes to weight correction and normalization of blood sugar level.

Low concentration of deuterium and hight O2 concentration have an unique effect on the body

Aging slowdown

The examination of both light and heavy waters affecting cell cultures revealed that whenever cell culture process was carried out with heavy water, it accelerated the aging process drastically, and resulted in a demise of culture within 3 to 4 days. However, the opposite effect was observed whenever light water was used to carry out the culture process for the same cells. Aging was inhib-ited; no degradation occurred even after 7 to 8 days; and signs of growth appeared.

Toroptsev I.V., Rodimov B.N., et al. Biological role of heavy water in living organisms. // Issues of Radiation Biology and Haematology. Published by: Tomsk University, 1966, pp.118-126. Ignatov I.I., Mosin O.V. Water Isotope Composition and Longevity. // Water: Hygieology and Ecology. 2013,3-4(1), 22-32.

Increase of human energy resources

The benefits of light drinking water are proven by research and clinical testing. Consumption of 1 liter of light water per day by study subjects facilitated improvement of hemodynamics which pro-vided conditions for physical efficiency.

Badyin V.I., Gasteva G.N., Drobyshevsky Yu.V., et al. Examination of behavior of water with nega-tive isotopic shift of deuterium in calves’ organisms. // News of Industrial Ecology Academy, 2004. 3. pp. 73-78.

Increase of Immune Protection

It has been established that the consumption of water with high deuterium concentration results in the death of animals who had been exposed to radiation treatment, while light water consumption by animals before undergoing radiation treatment results in an increase in survival rates by 2.5 times. Clinical observations reveal that oncology patients who consume light water during and after radiation treatment sessions demonstrate significant blood composition improvement and the slow-down of cancerous cell amplification.

Bild W, Stefanescu I, Haulica I et al. Research concerning the radioprotective and immunostimulating effects of deuterium-depleted water. // Rom J Physiol. 1999. Vol. 36. N 3 − 4. P. 205 − 218. Turusov V.S., Sinyak Yu.Ye., Antoshyna Ye.Ye., et al. Study of radioprotective action of low deuter-ium water under condition of single exposure to high doses of radiation. // Russian Biotherapeutic Journal. 2005. Vol. 4, -1 p. 92.

Organism Fertility Improvement

Experimentation on animals revealed the following: when consuming low deuterium water, pigs, rates and mice produced spawn that was more abundant and larger in size. Having domestic fowl consume light water, starting from 6 days and up to their reproductively mature age, resulted in a quicker development of their genital organs in terms of size and weight, and in spermacytogenesis acceleration; and chicken egg yield nearly doubled. It has been established that heavy water was accumulated in the ovaries of female white mice; and this heavy water accumulation causes changes in ovarian function and morphology, resulting in the ovaries death; besides, this process applies not to mature ovaries only, but to early stages of their development as well. With light water however, an opposite view is observed. Statistically valid data had been obtained that revealed the stimulation of ovaries development, which, in fact, explains fertility increase when light water is consumed.

Sperm motility is accurately known to decrease whenever deuterium content in water is increased.

Quality of Life Improvement

The regular consumption of light drinking water allows for the natural reduction of heavy water con-tent in the human organism. Using light drinking water to flush heavy water away from body waters produces positive effects upon metabolic activity, improves the general condition, increases effi-ciency, and facilitates the quick rehabilitation of the human body after heavy physical activity.

Ignatov I.I., Mosin O.V. Water isotope composition vs longevity. // Water: Hygieology and Ecology. 2013. 3-4(1), 22-32.

Mood Improvement

Based on the results of the study of light drinking water impact upon the functional state of subjects, reduced anxiety has been recorded, along with psychological state improvements. A tendency has been observed towards reduced leucocyte and cortisol content in the blood, and increased general antioxidative activity, which can be considered as evidence of light water’s anti-stress and protective effects.

Fudin N.A., Chernopyatko A.S., Klassina S.Ya., Burdeinaya T.N. Light water physiologic effect on the functional state of heavily exercised sportsmen. // Summary digest of all-Russian academic and research conference 'Physical cultures and mass sports underlying energy-efficient technologies, role of science in increased efficiency of sportsmen preparation during long-terms stages'. - 2013. - p. 138-149.

Increased Anti-Stress Resistance

Research conducted by an international team of scientists has revealed that consuming purified light water can become an efficient method for the protection of the human body from both stress and depression.

Strekalova T., Evans M., Chernopiatko A. et al. Deuterium content of water increases depression susceptibility: The potential role of a serotonin-related mechanism. // Behav. Brain Res. 2015. V. 277, PP. 237-244.


The factory is located on the shore of Baikal Lake in an ecologically clean area surrounded by pristine nature.

The factory has its own land and has enough free territory for multiple expansion.


The BAIKALIKA company has exclusive rights to extract and bottle deep Baikal water. We currently supply water to the Russian market. Our trade mark has been registered in China, Korea, Japan, and Mongolia.

Our deep-water intake point is built according to a patented technology. Over the last 3 years, we have been conducting laboratory tests of water quality at the selected point of water intake. BAIKALIKA water has been approved by experts and passed conformity certification. In addition, our production processes have been certified in accordance with the international ISO quality system.

The capacity of our pumping equipment and pipes allows us to pump 1 billion liters of water per year, which is enough to provide drinking water to more than 2.5 million people. However, actual production volumes are limited by the capacity of our bottling line: 8.5 million liters of water per year.


BAIKALIKA production processes are environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the holding of our appropriate licenses and certificates.